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 Dueling City Team League

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PostSubject: Dueling City Team League   Dueling City Team League I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 10:19 am

Dueling City Team League 2qnmpfc

» What is it?

Teams will go through a season of dueling other teams ranging from 6-9 teams in a group. Depends on the size of the groups which will be determined by the actual number of teams. Confusing? No worries. The staff will handle the technical aspects of this. All you need to do is stay pretty and active.

» How it works?

  • Win a war: 3 pts
  • Tie: 1 pt
  • Loss: 0

» Players

  • 5-6 Main players on the roster
  • 2 Subs

» Structure

  • League A: Where the pros reside
  • League B1 + League B2: Decent teams
  • League C1 + C2 + C3: New teams

Note: New teams will get the chance to be placed in the A league if they do well in the grand tournament.

» Break Down

I'll try to explain how this will all work as clear as possible. If you have any questions then please post in this thread.

- The league will have groups (League A, B1, B2, and etc)
- Teams will have to play all the teams in the same league. So teams in League A will have to play each other.
- You do not get to choose which team you get to play in your league! You will be assigned the team you need to duel against and the time limit.

Ex. Team 1 vs Team 2, first half of the month.

- Every war match will have a deadline of 2 weeks. This does not mean SINGLE war duels. Every team will have 2 weeks to war and by the end of the deadline, wins will be counted.

- Winners move up and losers in the group will move down into a different league by the end of the season.

» Sign Ups

There will be a thread when a season will be started. However, once a season starts, teams will no longer be able to sign up. Instead, they may sign up for the next season.

» Activity

Simple. Really. If there's inactivity, the team will be dropped. If a dropped team from a previous season wants to join the new one, they will have to start at the bottom.

» Extra

This will be an ongoing event so we can have some competition going on around here and keep activity up! This may also be incorporated into other events and tournaments.

*We will open a Grand Team Tournament to determine the team placements. The top 8 teams from the tournament will be moved into the first group! The better you do, the better your league placement will be.

Last thing: There will be rankings for all events from now on

Dueling City Team League Cr9LmAw
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Dueling City Team League
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