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 Deck Article #7: Gears Moving, A guide to Geargia

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PostSubject: Deck Article #7: Gears Moving, A guide to Geargia   Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:39 pm

Gears Moving, a guide to Geargia

I. The Cards
II. The Support
III. The Decktypes

I. The Cards



Geargiarmor is the main search card of the deck. It searches geargiaccelerator and creates free +1's. If the opponent attacks it and it survives to your turn, you can flip it face-down using it's own effect and then back up for another search.

Run 3



Geargiaccelerator acts as a Legendary Six Samurai-Kizan for Geargias. It allows for easy access to Gear Gigant X in conjunction with Geargiarmor. Gear Gigant X allows access to the whole deck.

Run 3



This card generally serves to search out a Geargiarmor. Geargiarmor, as stated above, is the best search card of the deck. However, this has more versatility in that it can be used to summon Geargiaccelerator and then combined with Torrential Tribute to send all monster to the grave. When Geargiacellerator is sent to the grave you can get back Geargiarsenal

Run 2~3



Geargiano, the first Geargia ever released, can be very useful (it is basically a Monster Reborn) but is not used all that often because there is a better version of it.

run 0-1

Geargiano Mk-II


This is the better version of Geargiano I mentioned earlier. This is better because it can be combined with Genex Ally Birdman for continuous monster revival.

Run 2

Gear Gigant X


This is the boss of the Geargia archetype and an amazing card for any machine type deck. It gets a free search if it is not destroyed on summon and does not have it's effect negated.

Run 2

II. The Support

Genex Ally Birdman


A good tuner which is searchable by Gear Gigant X and gives acess to Karakuri Monsters.

run 1

Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi"


A target to be summoned in the big Karakuri Geargia Synchro ply(will be explained later).

run 1 geargiakuri variant

Karakuri Watchdog mdl 313 "Saizan"


A tuner for the Karakuri Geargia Synchro play.

run 2~3 in geargiakuri variant

Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei"


A monster necessary for the big play earlier mentioned?

run 1 in geargiakuri variant

Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X "Bureido"


A monster necessary for the play mentioned earlier.

Run 2~3 in Geargiakuri Variant

Doomcaliber Knight


An amazing card this format which can be played as a staple in nearly any deck. This card inhibits the opponent until we can pull off a good play, in many cases, win the duel.

Macro Cosmos


This card, although it does not directly support the deck, can inhibit the play of the opponent hence making the game much easier. For example, Atlanteans, Fire Fists, and HEROs work worse with Macro Cosmos on the field. However, this card does not affect Macro Rabbit. Furthermore, it does not fit into the Machina Geargia Variant.

Run 0~3

Limiter Removal


Run 1

Geargias are Machines. Machines get OTK potential when Limiter Removal is played. This is a very simple and obvious support card.

Machina Gearframe


Run 2-3 in Machina Geargia variant

This card searches Machina Fortress and also protects machines (usually Fortress or Gear Gigant X.) It is a +1 and an all around useful card.

Machina Fortress


Run 3 in Machina Geargia

Searchable by Gearframe's effect and stuff. A strong beat stick with a good effect.

III. The Decktypes

There are 2 major types of decks which run Geargia in them. The first is Geargiakuri and the second is Geargia Machina.

Geargiakuri: Geargiakuri decks focus on getting the Karakuri Synchros and then getting many draws as well as a group of powerful beat sticks. The simplest play this deck can make is a play using 1 level 4 machine type tuner in hand and a Geargiarmor facedown.

Step 1. Flip Summon Geargiarmor and search Geargiaccelerator. Then special the accelerator.

Step 2. Normal summon the level 4 tuner and sync for Bureido. Effect: special summon Saizan.

Step 3. Sync Saizan and the other level 4 for another Bureido. Effect: Summon Nishipachi.

Step 4. Change position of Nishipachi and draw 2 cards.

Machina geargia: This deck is a lot more advantage oriented. It combines the use of Machina Gearframe and Geargiarmor to continuously search monsters. These monsters act as fodder for Machina Fortress when needed. Combining rank 4 XYZ monsters and Machina Fortress, the deck simply tramples the opponent's life points.

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Deck Article #7: Gears Moving, A guide to Geargia
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