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 Our Current Meta (March '13)

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PostSubject: Our Current Meta (March '13)   Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:22 pm

Well, welcome to the March 2013 meta! For those of you just joining or returning to the game, here's the general lowdown:

In the TCG, tournaments have been dominated by two decks: The Fire Fists, FIRE Beast-Warriors who focus on searching continuous Spell and Trap Cards and quickly accruing advantage and the Mermail-Atlanteans (Merlanteans for short), WATER monsters who focus on dropping powerful monsters from the deck and hand, while also clearing the opponent's field with the effects of the Atlantean monsters. There is also currently a fairly active undermeta with decks such as HERO Beat, Macro Rabbit, and even a few more odd ones (Karakuri, Frognarchs, and Electrum OTK have all placed in recent events) vying for the top.

The OCG meta is drastically different. The two top decks there are Elemental (or Incarnate) Dragons, which are 4 dragons (and 4 baby versions) who focus on using their powerful discard/search/banish engine to consistently field Rank 7 monsters and even the dreaded Light and Darkness Dragon. Their main competition is Spellbooks/Prophecy, who's playstyle consists of constant deck thinning and recycling of their Spellbook Spell cards. They also have one of the most contentious cards in the game, Spellbook Judgment Day, which allows the deck to easily +3 or +4 or even +5 and higher just for playing a turn normally.

The OCG undermeta consists mostly of the TCG meta, as Fire Fist and Merlanteans are able to tech some of the Elemental Dragons for a power and utility boost. Additionally, due to the WIND Elemental Dragon (Tempest), Dragunities are making a surprising comeback in the OCG, placing in events for the first time in quite a few formats.

With that out of the way, feel free to discuss the current meta, TCG or OCG. What do you think will happen as we approach the banlist? What do you think people will start siding or maining? What do you think will need to be corrected come September? What changes from the last format do you appreciate, and which do you think were less than stellar? This is a place to discuss that.

Please be respectful of the opinions of others. Do not go out of your way to annoy, insult, belittle, or otherwise aggravate people. If you are going to discuss your ideas with other people, do so politely. While many of the talk here will be conjecture or opinion, it is still wise to stick to the facts when possible. Please do not intentionally lie or misrepresent information. This is meant to be a friendly chatting place, not a debate competition.

Have fun~
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PostSubject: Re: Our Current Meta (March '13)   Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:27 pm

Funny thing about the current ocg meta, Prophecy and E-Dragons are pretty much in the same situation Darkworlds were on release.

First turn if you didn't have anything mained against it somehow then they got first game immediately.
However second game they usually got beat from siding and then 50/50 third game most likely.

That's how i see prophecy and E-dragons atm, they can win the first game but once you side and if you manage to draw your sides you can win easily from there and it isn't that hard to side against it either. Just simple overlooked cards can shut down these decks so hard.

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PostSubject: Re: Our Current Meta (March '13)   Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:34 pm

Electrum OTK tho...

Can never unsee.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Current Meta (March '13)   

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Our Current Meta (March '13)
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