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 CFV Deck Building

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PostSubject: CFV Deck Building   CFV Deck Building I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 7:12 pm

This is probably debatable however, in my opinion, I find it more difficult to build CFV decks than YGO decks. I'll go through the rules of decks and other neat terms.

- 50 cards total; no more and no less
- 16 trigger units; no more and no less
- 1 Starting Vanguard

Before you start building your deck, you need to choose a clan! This is important. Not only that, you must choose a build within the clan. Build? Just like YGO, there are archetypes and then there are different builds for the said archetype. Why is this important? It helps you decide what your trigger line-up will be and your winning image.

Winning image?

This concept was confusing for me at first until I started building more and more decks. What it means is, what is your win condition? Overpowering the opp, using up their resources, or end game attack all at once?

Choose cards that will help you achieve this winning image! I suggest looking through the Grade 3s for the clan or researching builds to help you decide which units to use.

Once you get a rough idea of what kind of deck you want to build, start with triggers.

Like I said earlier, you need exactly 16 triggers in your deck. This can be a combination of any of the triggers; such as 8 crit, 4 draws, and 4 heals. Choose triggers that will help you achieve your winning image. If your deck is about hand advantage, you'd want to add draw triggers and if your deck is aggressive, you'd want critical triggers. If you're not sure what trigger line-up you want, you can use the default: "4-4-4-4" line-up. Meaning, 4 of each type.

Before I forget, you also need to choose a starting vanguard.

A starting vanguard is the grade 0 that you will start the game with and you only need 1. Choose the starting vanguard that will set up your play up best. Starting vanguards with the Pioneer ability are the most popular.

Now, let's talk about ratios. Math? Not really.

Like YGO, you had to make sure your deck had a balance of monster, traps, and spells. For Vanguard, you need to make sure you have a good balance of grades. Why? So you can ride your vanguard every turn. Ratios depend on you and your build. You will always have 17 grade 0s! Here are some ratios:




How do you know if your ratios are balanced? Test it!

Onwards to choosing units.

Choosing units is all about synergy and like YGO, there are staples.

4 Perfect Guards
4 Heals

Choose units that will work with your deck! If you have a Vanguard that doesn't need counterblasts then do NOT add in units that creates or unflips counters.

This is all I can say since the rest is based on experience, intuition, and just luck.
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PostSubject: Re: CFV Deck Building   CFV Deck Building I_icon_minitimeWed May 01, 2013 12:09 am

Actually, some decks will run a Trigger as their starting Vanguard. But the reason for this? The Trigger will return to the deck after it Boosts/Supports an attack. Examples? «Battleraizer» (Nova Grappler; Stand) and «Lozenge Magus» (Oracle Think Tank; Heal). I'm sure that there are a few others, but I haven't explored other Clans enough to find out. In decks that run either of these units, the player typically forgo the "non-Trigger" G0 that most decks use.

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PostSubject: Re: CFV Deck Building   CFV Deck Building I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 09, 2013 1:06 pm

That moment when you log onto here planning to write a deck building guide but you already find one. Meh I'll throw in some more details if you don't mind(even though I suck at deck building for both ygo and CFV)Another ratio which people think is the most consistent one is the trial deck ratio which is: 17-14-11-8.
There are types of decks such as: Control and Aggro.
Control is pretty much the same as Yu-Gi-Oh!. Your focus is maintaining hand and field advantage, 2 clans that do this are: Oracle Think Tank and Genesis, those are the ones that maintain hand advantage, a rather big one, while Narukami and Kagero maintain field advantage AND they gain power off of that.

Aggro decks are pretty much all the Paladin Decks, which power up and maintain pressure through power.

There's also Rush decks, with Spike Brothers being the most popular(and probably the only one :P). Rush Decks are all about beating your opponent down repeatedly in one turn by gaining power and returning to deck, and then using the Limit Break you can call out other units with the same effects.

Other Control Decks Include: Aqua Force and Bermuda Triangle.

After deciding the "play style" or" winning image" like my partner Xiv said,you need to decide on what the main cards in your deck will be, whether it's going to be a break ride deck, a ride chain deck, etc etc.

After that you start building the skeleton of the deck by adding the staples: 4 Heals and 4 Perfect Guards and then you add the main cards if you are running a ride chain deck then you want to add 4 copies of each card in the chain, if you are running a break ride deck then adding 4 of the break ride and 3 of the other g3 unit whatever it may be.

After building the skeleton, you then want to add in the cards that will help you achieve your winning image such as monsters that get high power in an aggro deck or cards that help you draw or retire units in control decks.

And lastly, fine tuning, which is after you test out for a bit you try and find flaws in your deck which you can do by playing in mirror matches to see how other people play your deck, what advantages did it have over yours.

Those are my tips for deck building even though I suck at building.
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PostSubject: Re: CFV Deck Building   CFV Deck Building I_icon_minitime

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CFV Deck Building
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