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 Spinda's log, Entry #2: Fighting

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PostSubject: Spinda's log, Entry #2: Fighting   Thu May 09, 2013 8:10 pm

Oh dear, action anime, manga, and games are so inspiring~! It makes me wanna kill something, it makes my blood pump faster, it make me want a rival~! I wish that I could own a weapon leagally and get trained in its arts and its ways, and fight people in epic duels to the death, epic twists and turns, see-sawing between side to side with surging power and immense energy exchanged in each blow! Why is real life so dull~?

I need something in my life to allow me to release all my desires into pain-inducing, sadistic fights to hurt eachother whole-heartedly. If the world can successfully create virtual worlds in which you can do so legally, my life would be so complete~! I'm quite clumsy without any kind of weapon though, so trying to do something like boxing or wrestling is out of my league. I'm pretty decent in physical strength when considering my size, but my body doesn't know how to release its strength into a single point from my fists. My favorite type of weapon is either a scythe or chain scythes. A scythe is quite good for going into close-quarters combat while keeping a little distance with the pole, while chain scythes have the capability of keeping the opponent within a certain range, drag them in, or hold them down, all with the use of the chains.

Chain scythes may be used much more defensively, with the flexibility of the chain, while the scythe is a bit more limited, only able to use the pole, but still efficient enough to defend with. Weapons that can be related with a scythe is a staff or a cane, which can also branch off into their own other weapons, while the chain schthes can branch off into kunai w/chains, or wires. I have a feeling that the only possible way for me to actually obtain these weapons is illegal, through the black market or the deep web, where I can have one personally made for me. Normal living is so boring, there's no action, why can't we fight in a less stupid way than army warring, like come on, that's a waste of people. There should be an elite squad of special people for each country that use their own weapons, and have one on one fights, to determine the results of wars, rather than throwing away the lives of many.

I'm such a fiction freak though, there's so many things that don't exist that I want to exist. Come on science, excel faster. As long as I'm able to draw blood legally with a scythe, I can die happy. Fights look like such great pain, I wanna know what it's like, I wanna be epic! Oh god I'm so sadistic. Where's virtual tech when you want to abuse it to be in fights. Gah, I'll make it myself if I have to if these dipwads won't.

In a real life fight, I'm quite capable myself, due to my smzll size, I can land quick, light, yet painful strikez. Secret? Surface area. My small hands have a copper skull ring on each middle finger. When my small fist lands on a large area of the body such as the torso, it's like poking a balloon with a needle, the smaller the surface area, the more pressure is applied to small area. In relation to my fist and a torso, the fist will be able to use its full power to damage a single power, while the ring's hard surface area drigs in and damages bones. Though fists aren't my main fighting style with my hands. In a small fight, if the opponent is larger than me, fists are the wiser choice unless I'm forced. Against a opponent of similar size and a smaller body, straight fingers and palms are used. Due to the width of my fingers, surface area is dramatically decreased once more, giving me the ability to apply pressure to pressure points or vital organs to the torso, or chops or destroy an opponent's guards from above. Speed is my greatest ally when it comes to my size, but I dislike my size, and wear large sweaters as a way of making me feel larger than I really am.

My blocking ability is backed up by my pain tolerance level, which is higher than the average person of my size. I can block strikes aiming towards my torso because of my small body, and dodge any heavy stikes. My sweaters, though increase my defenses, decrease my speed by a considerable amount. It's basically like either + def - speed or + speed - def. Choosing what to pick would be critical in battle, if I face someone slow yet strong, and increase in defense is vital, and my speed would be sufficient, if they were fast yet weaker, an increase in speed would be needed to keep up.

To be completely fair, I've never been in a fight personally before and this is all theory, I think ylthat I would still be quite able in a fight nonetheless.

Can you fight? Favorite weapon? Fighting style? Comment below and tell me your opinions on fights, I'd love to hear it!

hue hue hue

Spoilers because this sig would be big without it...
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PostSubject: Re: Spinda's log, Entry #2: Fighting   Thu May 09, 2013 9:12 pm

Ahahaha, I liked this one. I laughed. <:
Have you watched SAO? If not, do it. Seriously.


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Spinda's log, Entry #2: Fighting
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