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 The Gongas appears

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PostSubject: The Gongas appears   Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:54 pm

Hello everybody, some of you may know me, another will know me eventually...

Well, with Cryo back and since i know some of the staff i decided to join, and make this most likely the academy i will be spending most of my days, if i can help anyone with anything just PM me and i will gladly help you guys.

What can i tell you about me, lets see... i am 18 years, graduated highschool like 3 weeks ago, im from Portugal that tiny country next to Spain ( we only have 10 million people lol ).

I play YGO, CFV, played LoL for a while i quit cause addiction is a bi***

I also spend quite sometime on DNF with the same as in here, so anything you know what to do.

So    that's it
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The Gongas appears
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