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 the rise of evilswarms

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!mai valentine!

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PostSubject: the rise of evilswarms   Sat May 26, 2012 12:49 pm

~sign up~

Insert-link-of-Picture of your Character-Here
Full Name:
Birthday: (Month, Day, Year)
Deck Name: (your charcter can have more than 1 deck)

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type: (like heavy skine etc.)
Distinguishing Markings:
Dress Style:

Quirks: (at least 1)
Likes: (at least 2)
Dislikes: (at least 1)
Strengths: (at least 1)
Weaknesses: (at least 1)

Family:(you dont have to have a family for your charcter.)
Personal History: (5 lines at least)
Pets: (your charcter does not have to have a pet)
and also is your charcter good or bad

here is a example of a charcter sheet i will start the main role play area once there is 7 peopple approved i will tell you if your charcter sheet is approved or unapproved

here is my charcter sheet

Full Name: Miyuki Matsumoto
Nicknames: Miyo, Yuki
Age: 21
birthday: 12/30/1994
Deck Name: dark palidian/ black magician of chaos and evilswarm
Quirks:taunts her foes befor sending them to there doom.
Likes:choclate and the shadow realm
Dislikes: the good guys and
weakness: cant resist sending someone to there doom
Family: Mother (doesn't know), Father (doesn't know)
Personal History: When she was born, her parents were killed. No one knows what happened. She grew up in a foster home and left when she turned 16. Became a duelist when she was 6, and has had the same cards for 11 years, still in perfect condition. Has been trying to find out more about her parents and how they died; nothing signifigant has turned up. She found out about the Dueling Academy and wanted to perfect her dueling skills. at the age of 19 she found out about her power of the shadow realms.

bad guy
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PostSubject: Re: the rise of evilswarms   Sat May 26, 2012 7:32 pm

Full Name: Nox Lumo Novus
Nicknames: Nox
Age: 17
Birthday: 6/4/1990
Deck Name: Masked Vision/Cyberdark/Royal Knight/Evil Knight

Hair Color: Jet black with blue streaks
Eye Color: Left is Amber and right is Grey
Height: 5'7"
Body Type: Athletic
Distinguishing Markings: Nothing
Dress Style: Baggy clothes, cargo pants, steel toed boots, and a vest.

Quirks: Has more than one personality
Likes: Suffering, and Being nice
Dislikes: Horses
Strengths: Good Duelist who doesn't know when to give up
Weaknesses: Doesn't know when to give up

Personal History: After being born he was thrust into an orphanage where he lived until he was 14, his years in the orphanage were no walk in the park, you were expected to duel for your place there, he lost part of his humanity in there, using two decks Cyberdarks, and Evil Knights. At age 13 he got lost in the woods nearby the orphanage and met another young boy duelist, they dueled and after Nox won the boy just got up and laughed saying it was fun. Light finally existed in Nox's soul and the boy gave him two cards that he built two new decks around, using them when he's in his Light Side.
Good/Bad: Both

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Xaqairy Atlas

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PostSubject: Re: the rise of evilswarms   Sat May 26, 2012 9:16 pm

Full Name: Charles Xaqairy
Nicknames: Charlie/Xaq
Age: 19
Birthday: 5/30/1993
Deck Name: Mekina Drain; Darkray Chaos; Direct Voltage

Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'10"
Body Type: Average
Distinguishing Markings: None, really.
Dress Style: See pic

Quirks: Random flailing at times; Agoraphobia; Acrophobia; Ophidiophobia; Entomophobia; Arachnophobia; Claustrophobia
Likes: being alone or in a small group; food; dueling
Dislikes: Meta
Strengths: Listens well
Weaknesses: Doesn't argue much

Personal History: Since he was young, Charles would be off by himself. Most people didn't like him because he had a strange name. Others didn't like him because he did strange things (see Quirks). [I'll post more later. I'm stuck right now.]
Pets: Pet Monkey that sits on his shoulder


Number of QTs:
9 as a Participant
Number of Missed QTs:
Elsword: 1
Laziness: 4
Church: 5
Work: 28
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!mai valentine!

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PostSubject: Re: the rise of evilswarms   Sun May 27, 2012 2:24 am

APPROVED to both charles and nexs
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PostSubject: Re: the rise of evilswarms   

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the rise of evilswarms
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