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 SD Gundam Capsule fighters

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PostSubject: SD Gundam Capsule fighters   Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:28 pm

Well the name of the topic makes it slightly self explainitory.

The game is based around The anime series, Gundam. It has a Huge selection of varies gundams, and Mobile suits, to choose from.

Each suit is catogorized, into different ranks and types.

Ranks being

C, CR, B, BR, A, AR, S, SR

Any rank with an R beside it means it is that Letter rank and also Rare

Example:CR=Rank C and Rare

The Types are


This is simple and self explainitory to.(For idiots who like to make a fuss if not explain i will explain it.)

Rock: Obviously hand to hand combat, strong against Scissor type, and weak against Paper type.

Paper:Long range type combat. Strong against Rock, weak against Scissor.

Scissor:Multi Purpose combat.(Close and long range) Strong against, paper, Weak against Rock.

The game provides two game play formats. PVP, and Missions.

Missions, allow players to team up and do a missions, or you can perform single missions.

With these missions come the choice to choose quests, relative to your current ranking in level. These quest can gain you many things ranging from Gundams, Mobile suits, money(Points) or exp packs to level up your mobile suits, and more.

PVP is obviously were you can play against other players, for experiance and money. and on occassion an item.

Also featured is special abilities and skills.

Special abilities are unlocked when your Mobile suit, or gundam levels up from rookie to soldier. Skills are gained after leveling past this. You gain 2 skills.

There are also many other features in this game.

Now some of you may be sad to see that alot of stuff costs something called Astros. for example, premium gundams or mobile suits. But don't fear, there are other methods to getting them. Such as quests or blue prints.

Now blue prints, are simple. They always cost money(But alot of it)

They allow you to gain a Suit, that would normally cost astros, by combining other suits. NOTE you must have the required suits, you can't combine just any. The blue print will of course tell you which suits.

I will also put a video and some screenshots up.


For those who wish to try it or check the website here you go.

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SD Gundam Capsule fighters
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