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 Dueling Rules

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PostSubject: Dueling Rules   Dueling Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2012 1:00 am

Dueling Rules
We have several types of duels here in Cryo Duel Academy, each with a different set of rules. The types of duels we have are:
  • Normal Duels
  • Special Duels
  • Russian Roulette Duels
  • Mock Wars
  • Duel Requests

Normal, Special, and Russian Roulette Duels all fall under the category of single duels. Everything else has a category of their own. Here is a compilation of all of our duel rules. Also, you earn exp for duels and all decks used in the duels have to be legal. That means that it cannot be listed on our academy's banlist.

Normal Duels
These duels are 1 on 1 and the duels may be a match duel (2/3) or one round duel.

  • The Academy's ban list applies
  • Screenshots are required
  • Loser's confirmation will be needed if there isn't a screenshot
  • If someone disconnects from the game, they can return at the cost of 2000 LP and the score still stands
  • Play fair.

  • Person A: Wins game 1
  • Person A + B: Start game 2
  • Person B: dc's in game 2
  • Person B: Room is remade and takes -2000 LP damage and game 2 starts again
  • Person A: Loses game 2
  • Person A: Wins game 3

Score: Person A wins 2-1

If the person dc's a second time, they take -4000 LP and it keeps going.

Special Duels
Here you can duel users with different rules!

Note: You can choose which rule to use if both players agree to it. You do not have to roll the dice.

One player rolls a dice to determine which rule to use from this list (Both players must agree that it's a special duel of course):

  1. You start the duel with 4000 LP.
  2. Draw 2 cards during each Draw Phase.
  3. Lose 500 LP during each End Phase.
  4. Discard 1 card during each End Phase.
  5. Start the duel with 10 cards in your hand.
  6. You can only attack with 1 monster during your Battle Phase.

Other duel rules still apply:
  • Screenshots or confirmation
  • No decks listed on the academy's banlist

Cozer's Original Idea

Russian Roulette Duels
Russian Roulette Duels is basically random decks going against each other. Only try this duel if you're going to be honest and just want the fun.

Both players ask each other to choose a number between however many decks you have. The number chosen corresponds to the deck they will use.

For example:
  • Player A tells Player B to choose a number from 1-10
  • Player B chooses number 5
  • Player A will choose the 5th deck from the deck list they have on DN
  • Player B will now ask Player A to choose a number from 1-4
  • Player A chooses number 2
  • Player B will use the 2nd deck from their deck list
  • Both players will duel.

You may not use any academy banned decks. Ask your opponent to choose a different number in case they have chosen a banned deck from your list.

The game can be played one match or one round.

Tag Team Duels
Like all duels, the basic rules still apply:
  • Screenshots and confirmation needed
  • No decks listed on the academy's banlist

First off, you'll need a partner! You may choose anyone you feel comfortable with to be your partner.

Duels will go like this:
  • One partner duels first against the opposing team. (1 round, not match)
  • Winner gets to go on but, they have to keep the remains of their LP last duel.
  • Last partner standing wins.

  • Partner A duels Person C and wins with 4500 LP left over.
  • Partner A duels Person D now with 4500 LP.
  • Person D wins and duels Partner B
  • Partner B wins.
  • So the partner team's score will be: 2-1

Mock Wars
This is basically like team wars and it's good practice if you're looking to test your decks.

All you need to do is make a thread in the Mock Wars Section with the right format.


Post it and fill it out then duel! You'll be responsible for keeping track of your own thread. You only need one thread for both teams.

War Formats + Regulations

The other team will then post their line-up. Other academies may join as well. However, mock wars ARE NOT OFFICIAL ACADEMY WARS.

Duel Requests
If you're looking for specific decks to practice against then this section is for you!

In the Duel Requests Section, just post your DN name and what deck type(s) you're looking to duel against. May it be meta, anti-meta, or just a creative deck.

If you actually took the time to read this thread, we love you very much. Happy dueling everyone!

Dueling Rules WHCO8RJ
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Dueling Rules
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