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 Weekly Discussion - #3

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PostSubject: Weekly Discussion - #3   Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:04 pm

This week's discussion is going to be about: Forbidden Robe
[Quick Play/Spell Card]
Target 1 face-up monster on the field; Until the End Phase, it loses 600 ATK, but cards' effects cannot target or destroy it

On the Wikia you can find it as "Forbidden Garment". The newest addition to the "Forbidden" spell cards.

Forbidden Lance protected you against opposing spells and traps while Forbidden Chalice denied your opponent's face up Monster effects.
All of these cards showing great utility as techs in certain decks.

The only problem about Garment is that it wouldn't work in a most chains, if the card's already targeting it.

Player A summons Rescue Rabbit
Player B activates Effect Veiler targeting Rescue Rabbit
Player A chains Forbidden Garment onto his Rescue Rabbit

The chain resolves backwards, Forbidden Garment targets Rescue Rabbit and resolves.
Effect Veiler, already targeting Rescue Rabbit resolves normally negating its effect.

Do you guys think this'll be a good tech for the end of this format?
What about the so called "banlist" with all of it's power cards, would you see more play from this card?

Credits to Unlucky Bounzer~


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PostSubject: Re: Weekly Discussion - #3   Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:08 pm

Lance ish bettah. There's a notable difference from 1800 ATK and 1600 ATK.

Credits to Stacky

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Weekly Discussion - #3
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