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 Teacher app

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Cryo Kid

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PostSubject: Teacher app   Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:33 pm

DN Name:


Forum Name:

phoenix king


Dueling Experience:

been playing for 10 years

Forum Experience:

overall not much but i know the basics

Reason for applying as a teacher:
i like learning from people and teching ppl too

Describe yourself:
im a fun loving duelist who has a dueling fetish with fairys

like long walks on the beach and holding hands under the sunset

What do you have to offer?
Im a Dueling machine with no emotion and test for skill[lol]just kidding i feel i can bring the best duelists and put them where they should[i think thats what youre asking]

How well would you say you know the game? (1-10) 8

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PostSubject: Re: Teacher app   Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:22 pm

By the power invested in me as Head Admin and Headmaster, I declare your application as:


For the following reasons stated:
1. Constant badgering on the chatbox
2. Resorting to insults when wishes aren't met
3. Demanding to have the position given

Last comments: Hope you don't take offense to this, but acting like a child won't get you anywhere here. Our admins actually take the time to select people instead of randomly handing out positions to just anyone. With that said, don't badger us to do something that's convenient for you.

If you have a problem then PM it to me instead of insulting the academy while Admins aren't on. Toodles.
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Teacher app
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