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 Ranking Table For Cryo Sphere Tourney Team's

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Lord Tubbington
Lord Tubbington

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PostSubject: Ranking Table For Cryo Sphere Tourney Team's   Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:12 pm

Each ranking for each team is ranked in who doe's the best in both sub-category's.
Both sub-Category's are named

1st to duel
Match Score

Here is how it works

Category: 1st to duel
Whichever Team Member's duel get a instant 1# on the ranking table
Player A Team B VS Player B Team A
Player A Team B wins 2-1 Player B Team A Lose's 1-2

Team B Team A
1st to duel-Player A 1st to duel- Player B
Score: 2-1 Match Score:1-2
Now this category show's what the W/L of each player is.
If a player win's 2-0 on a team and someone is already in the 1st rank then they will be still there but be moved to 2nd in overall
Player C Team B VS Player D Team A
Player C Team B Wins 2-0 Player D Team B Lose's 0-2
Rank:1st to duel-2nd Rank:1st to duel-2nd
Score: 2-0 Team B-1st Rank:Score:0-2- 2nd
Overall: Ranked 1st Overall:Ranked 2nd

This will be how it works.
The bottom 2 of the overall ranking of the losing team will duel to see who is getting the boot. 2/3 Match Up
Your Score's are permanent.
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PostSubject: Re: Ranking Table For Cryo Sphere Tourney Team's   Wed Aug 29, 2012 5:48 pm

thank u for this tourney! ;) (...but I dont understand the match score)

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Ranking Table For Cryo Sphere Tourney Team's
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