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 War Roster!

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PostSubject: War Roster!   Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:49 pm

Below are the names of the people we've chosen for the war based on dueling knowledge, competitive flare, and deck type. If you were not chosen then I apologize and ask for you try again next time. For those of you who are chosen! Congratulations and do your best to represent us!

If you want to know why you didn't make it on the roster then PM your tester for more information. Do not ask here. Your post will be deleted.

I will be announcing them by their forum names in no particular order.

Professor J. Breezy
Dark Rainbow Dragon
A Rude Unicorn
Grunkle Neil


Click Here!

Line-Ups are there and that is where you'll be posting your results!

Last reminder: THE WAR WILL BE TCG ONLY! Check over your decks!

War will start Sept.29th (tomorrow)
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War Roster!
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