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 Card Review #1 Pineapple Blast

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Shooting Star
Shooting Star

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PostSubject: Card Review #1 Pineapple Blast   Thu Oct 18, 2012 9:51 am


Type: Trap
Property: Normal
Effect: You can only activate this card when you Normal summon a monster
successfully. If there are more monsters on your opponent's side of the
field than your side, Destroy your opponent's monsters, so that your
opponent controls the same number of monsters as you. Your opponent
selects which monsters are destroyed.

We need to discuss this card, possible combos?

One i think of top of my head is it could be a good side card against wind-ups or six sams since they like to swarm however encountering Shi-En or Zenmaines may be a tad annoying. It works a lot like Torrential Tribute except keeping your monsters safe.

Post any combos you can think of or possible flaws.

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Unlucky Saggi

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PostSubject: Re: Card Review #1 Pineapple Blast   Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:13 pm

I'd still rather Needle Ceiling over this as it's more proactive than reactive. Setting it and waiting for next turn is also annoying as I don't think I'd live to see next turn if it's against Wind-Ups

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Card Review #1 Pineapple Blast
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