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 Special Duels Rules

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PostSubject: Special Duels Rules   Special Duels Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 8:36 pm

Here you can duel users with different rules!

Note: You can choose which rule to use if both players agree to it. You do not have to roll the dice.

One player rolls a dice to determine which rule to use from this list (Both players must agree that it's a special duel of course):

1. You start the duel with 4000 LP.
2. Draw 2 cards during each Draw Phase.
3. Lose 500 LP during each End Phase.
4. Discard 1 card during your End Phase.
5. Start the duel with 10 cards in your hand.
6. You can only attack with 1 monster during your Battle Phase.

Other duel rules still apply:
- Screenshots or confirmation
- No decks listed on the academy's banlist

Cozer's Original Idea
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Special Duels Rules
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