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 Forum Rules - Must Read

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PostSubject: Forum Rules - Must Read   Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:23 am

>>> General
* Respect the staff

  • Staff members are normal people too and they may prioritize their lives over your needs. So be patient and respectful towards them. If there are any problems with our staff then contact me with the problem.

* Respect the members of Cryo DA

  • The rule applies to EVERYONE. Staff and guests have no right to disrespect another member and the same goes with other members. We won't hesitate to take action.

* Staff

  • Members are expected to heed the warnings of the staff and respect what the staff has to say. Members are also NOT allowed to do the staff's jobs.
    That means:
    - Do not claim that you are a mod or admin
    - Do not threaten members about breaking rules
    - Do not make up rules

* Accounts

  • You may make only ONE account and no more than one. If you want to change your name then please PM and Admin. This is to prevent ban-dodging and fake accounts made for trolling. If you need your password reset then you may PM an Admin on DN or Cryo.
* Difference

  • People are different in many different ways and I won't be lenient if you make fun of someone's religion, sexual preference, or skin color.

>>> Forum

>>> Chat box

Note: Cryo Dueling Academy is not responsible for what happens on Dueling Network. We will deal with whatever directly relates to us only.
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Forum Rules - Must Read
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